There is so much detail from Friday night that it would take a book to get it all out. But here is a rough idea of what went on...It was a *great* show. We took the stage at around 11pm on Friday night. That's well past my bed time. With a stomach full of crisps, fizzy drinks and butterflies I was feeling more liking sitting still than rocking. But as soon as 3am (who kindly loaned their PA) left the stage we were all chomping at the bit to get on and give the crowd a good time. Good time is what we gave. It really was an exciting event, I'm sure everyone of the hundred and fifty or so people that was there would agree. Here are the first few photos that have come dripping through to us. If you have any photos of the night please forward them to us and we will post them up here. Thanks to all of you who came - hope you loved it as much as we did.

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    NashvilleBoy is well pleased for you boys - glad to hear the glowing report!

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