There's nothing like a good breakfast the morning after a late night band recording session. A Sausage and Egg McMuffin is nothing like a good breakfast, but all the same it tastes just right.

Last night saw Magic Ship record three new songs: 'Two in the Coals and One in the Flames', this has become a live favourite and we finally recorded it. 'Murphy's Heroes', a stomping good track about a bunch of would be rock and roll stars. Finally, 'Burn! Burn! Burn!', a song all about the rise and fall of of Guy Stevens.

It was way past clocking off time and way past your bedtime when we sang and played the last notes. Safe to say though that through the headphones I think we have some real class on our hands with this batch of songs. Once we get some rough mixes we'll even make them available for preview on and the music player on this site.

Photo shoot!

Hit the Photo jump for a nice few shots of Magic Ship by our man Krzys. They're mixed in with the old and new stuff, but it's worth a look around. He made us look pretty cool in the half light outside Airplay Studios. 

Take a look in the November 2009 Classic Rock magazine. It's Europe's biggest rock publication and you'll find Magic Ship's 'LoveTel Motel' on the cover CD.

As a little celebration and a thank you to everyone that's followed Magic ship this far we've reduced the price on the 'LoveTel Motel' album for a short time which you can now buy from CDBaby on CD for $6.99 and the download is just $5. Bargain!

Of course - you can still download it from Amazon MP3 and iTunes too.

Photoshoot and Hob Nobs

Yesterday's photoshoot was laid back fun. We did the whole shoot around the rehearsal studios, mostly outside. Some long exposures and 2 second smiles should lead to at least a handful of shots we can use on the new album liner and around the interweb. We'll post some here once they are back from the lab.

We also had some chocolate Hob Nobs.

Back to a Monday rehearsal this week. Prepping some new material for recording in a couple of weeks' time. We also had a meeting with an industry insider to discuss global expansion and plans for an exciting 2010.

Ad used my Bad Monkey overdrive for his bass and it sounded great. He's now bought one for himself from 'the internet' at a bargain price.

Look out for some upcoming promotions on CD prices, a flyer for the November 27th Croydon show and photos from the photoshoot this month.

The LoveTel Motel album is now available for download from Amazon UK's MP3 store. You can grab the whole thing for £6.99 or 79p per track. Quick! Before they run out!

LoveTel inflation!

Prices on early pressings of the LoveTel Motel CD are now changing hands at extraordinary prices. Lookout record collectors...

Great new song...'78'

Ad came up with a good song last night. A lyric and some chords and a bass riff. That's what it takes. 15 minutes later we've got a stomping classic Magic Ship song on our hands. Oi!

Plans are afoot to record before Christmas. A couple of photoshoots lined up. A gig in Croydon @ The Brief, November 27th, where we'll be playing new material plus our old stuff from the LoveTel Motel album. We are looking good.