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Sly & Robbie and half a Col
Where's me beer?
Ah. Here it is (was)

LoveTel Motel - Live 

Big, Big Thanks to Istvanski for bootlegging.

Up the Palace. 

Cheers Ad


  1. Ken Skinner said...
    Sounding really good and tight! Can't wait to hear the whole bootleg... album, too (which should be in my sweaty little hands soon!)

    Time to book gig #2?
    Heff said...
    Doesn't sound bad at all for a bootleg.
    Anonymous said...
    It's very cool, isnt' it!

    Listen to the whole thing over at Istvanski's place:
    where he has blogged the gig and has the full gig posted as an MP3 there.
    Heff said...
    Oh, and Leb - I MUST have a pair of those bitchin' shoes !
    chazza said...
    Really enjoyed your gig...(wern't there..) but listened to the whole thing over at Istvanski's place: felt as though I was...a real entertainer you are


    Ad said...
    Chuffed you enjoyed it Chazza.

    You ought to do the decent thing and buy the CD now ;)
    Otherwise we might have to send Heff around......

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