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Anybody worrying that CDBaby wasn't going to be able to fulfil their orders for our debut album, 'LoveTel Motel' by Magic Ship, will be pleased to know that it is now back in stock and that we shall be shipping a further amount to avoid any stock shortages in future. By my reckoning, if they sell out again we should be half way up the charts!

We don't want you to think that we've got our heads up our own arses but we are chuffed to blazes by the really groovy reviews that some of our fellow bloggers have been writing about our debut album 'LoveTel Motel'. Read them all and them maybe make up your own mind by getting a copy for yourself or as a present for somebody who you think think will like our brand of music. But don't just take our word for it, read the reviews and see what you think?

I'm with the band

Make yourself known. Get your face on the magic-shipternet! Send us a photo of yourself. If you are holding a copy of our album or wearing one of our band t-shirts all the better.

Mail us a photo and we'll post it... friends@magic-ship.com

Here is our first! Big shout to Sky from Surrey. Her favourite track on the album is 'Lucky Lost'.

Nextly we have Nathan all the way from Nashville, Tennessee! He rocks a mean Tele. Show us your 'Oh!' face, Nathan...

Here is Debbie! Debbie! Great T, D.

Next up is Donna. Donna hails from Alabama and cuts a fine figure in her lady size Magic Ship T. Rockets!

1 2 3 4     1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4   Ad Infinitum.......
Sly & Robbie and half a Col
Where's me beer?
Ah. Here it is (was)

LoveTel Motel - Live 

Big, Big Thanks to Istvanski for bootlegging.

Up the Palace. 

Cheers Ad

There is so much detail from Friday night that it would take a book to get it all out. But here is a rough idea of what went on...It was a *great* show. We took the stage at around 11pm on Friday night. That's well past my bed time. With a stomach full of crisps, fizzy drinks and butterflies I was feeling more liking sitting still than rocking. But as soon as 3am (who kindly loaned their PA) left the stage we were all chomping at the bit to get on and give the crowd a good time. Good time is what we gave. It really was an exciting event, I'm sure everyone of the hundred and fifty or so people that was there would agree. Here are the first few photos that have come dripping through to us. If you have any photos of the night please forward them to us and we will post them up here. Thanks to all of you who came - hope you loved it as much as we did.

Get Started!

Click the peacock for details. Bring your dancing shoes!

Yes folks, the wonderful team at Stone Island Records have now listed our debut album 'LoveTel Motel' on their excellent website under the category heading of Classic Rock. You can now order your very own copy of this long awaited and much discussed LP recording by Magic Ship from Stone Island Records here . We hope that you enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed making it. And don't forget that we mixed it so that you will be able to get the most out of it through either earphones or speakers, just so long as you remember to play it loud! Dancing is unavoidable. Grab a copy before it's too late.

Buy buy blackbird

Pre label rarities of our LP record 'LoveTel Motel' are currently changing hands under the counter on the black market at a rate of knots, so if you feel that you really want an early doors copy and you can't wait the extra week or so for it to become available online, you can always send £8.99 + £1.00 post and packing via PayPal to Sam who will send you a personalised autographed copy. ***UPDATE...Why pay with PayPal when you can order easily from Stone Island Records CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW ***
Here's what somebody sort of said about it: "I always thought that Magic Ship would deliver a good album, but I never imagined that it was going to be a great album. I got my copy yesterday and played it three times on the bounce."
So if you want to be in with the in-crowd and can't make it to our album launch party this Friday and fancy having Sam's autograph as well, go mad and fill your boots. We'll even throw in a free Magic Ship t-shirt to our millionth customer.

Blimey, these last few days have all been go on the Magic Ship. Website up, album received. Now Col tells us we've had a load of branded T-shirts delivered. Last night was the final practice before Friday's gig at Ye White Hart. It took us a run through to warm up and a second time round the songs to play them well. It'll be something else to play in a big room. In fact something else to play outside the four walls of the rehearsal room.

I like to keep things simple, but at the moment there are so many things happening it is far from simple. Now I see why bands have tour managers and promo teams and web designers and marketing departments and hair stylists and m&m filterers! It means they can go on stage and play and wake up the next day in the next town and play again and keep doing that until they are told to go and speak to the people at Horse and Hound magazine. Then go on Top of the Pops. Then go on stage again. Like being at school or in the army I suppose, but with more fans.