Blimey, these last few days have all been go on the Magic Ship. Website up, album received. Now Col tells us we've had a load of branded T-shirts delivered. Last night was the final practice before Friday's gig at Ye White Hart. It took us a run through to warm up and a second time round the songs to play them well. It'll be something else to play in a big room. In fact something else to play outside the four walls of the rehearsal room.

I like to keep things simple, but at the moment there are so many things happening it is far from simple. Now I see why bands have tour managers and promo teams and web designers and marketing departments and hair stylists and m&m filterers! It means they can go on stage and play and wake up the next day in the next town and play again and keep doing that until they are told to go and speak to the people at Horse and Hound magazine. Then go on Top of the Pops. Then go on stage again. Like being at school or in the army I suppose, but with more fans.


  1. Axe Victim said...
    Yes it's all a bit bonkers. Very exciting though. I am really buzzed about Friday's gig and am now trying to just relax and forget about it so that I can concentrate on having fun and enjoying our day in the sun. Then it'll be back to the usual on Monday only we won't have to play the set list until we get another booking. And I have developed a taste for this now that we've started.
    rockmother said...
    Yes - and you wonder why they go crazy and throw tellies out of windows and go mental and do lots of drugs once they come off stage? If that was me I would probably have a massive drink problem - the mixture of pre-nerves and then post-adrenalin rush would make me just want to quaff drinks with gay abandon once off stage. I don't know how people play those massive stadium gigs and stay sane. Anyway - roll on Friday - 'tis very exciting.
    Mondo said...
    Ahoy ship mates - got a copy of the album yesterday. Blimey O Riley what a non stop rocking cocktail of tattooed knuckles tunes. can you add me to the list for a copy of the second album.
    Anonymous said...
    I have ordered a small 12" portable b/w TV to throw out of my (first floor) window especially for the occasion.

    Mondo - glad you like it. Until the second album arrives (2009?), maybe you could just order yourself a second copy of the first one! :-)

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