The Jetsonics

We've all had great times over the past three years and made some great songs, played some great shows and made a great album. (Still for sale on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon!). Thanks for supporting us.

Now we are moving on. Ad, Dave and Sam are The Jetsonics. We are at and soon to be at Come and listen to the new music.

Croydon. They love it.

The Brief was a good show on Friday night. We had a good turn out.

Support from The Plan was excellent. Keep an eye on them, with the right moves they will do well.

Word to the wise. If you are over 6'6" tall. you won't fit on the stage at The Brief! There is fortunately a little oversized are of the stage that justs out beyond the low roof so you can stand there, just don't try to run and speak to your drummer :-)

Sound was pretty good. Especially as the sound engineer was called out of sick bed at late notice.

We played all the new material. Hard Copy and Burn! Burn! Burn! seemed to go down very well.

Let's get it on

Looking forward to Friday night. 27th November we are headlining at The Brief, Croydon. Rehearsals have been going well and we have a great set with old and new material. Support from The Plan.

See you there.

Setlist run through

Last night we ran through the set list for the Croydon Brief show on the 27th. Songs are shaping up well, we just need to make sure the running order is right. We've totally reinvented 'Amazing' as an up tempo rocker with a stadium chorus. Soudning pretty good. You'll hear it in a couple of weeks if you are coming to see us.

New Songs

The new songs are now posted in the [drum roll.....] SONGS section of site. They are excellent. Go listen and tell us what you think.

New song update!

You can listen to the songs already already. They are over on the MySpace. Keep up at the back!


Thanks to Ian at Airplay Studios we were able to take away copies of further mixes of four new songs last night. They are sounding great. Lively and fresh. We'll be posting them online this week for you to have a listen. They'll feature early next year on a new album.

There's nothing like a good breakfast the morning after a late night band recording session. A Sausage and Egg McMuffin is nothing like a good breakfast, but all the same it tastes just right.

Last night saw Magic Ship record three new songs: 'Two in the Coals and One in the Flames', this has become a live favourite and we finally recorded it. 'Murphy's Heroes', a stomping good track about a bunch of would be rock and roll stars. Finally, 'Burn! Burn! Burn!', a song all about the rise and fall of of Guy Stevens.

It was way past clocking off time and way past your bedtime when we sang and played the last notes. Safe to say though that through the headphones I think we have some real class on our hands with this batch of songs. Once we get some rough mixes we'll even make them available for preview on and the music player on this site.

Photo shoot!

Hit the Photo jump for a nice few shots of Magic Ship by our man Krzys. They're mixed in with the old and new stuff, but it's worth a look around. He made us look pretty cool in the half light outside Airplay Studios. 

Take a look in the November 2009 Classic Rock magazine. It's Europe's biggest rock publication and you'll find Magic Ship's 'LoveTel Motel' on the cover CD.

As a little celebration and a thank you to everyone that's followed Magic ship this far we've reduced the price on the 'LoveTel Motel' album for a short time which you can now buy from CDBaby on CD for $6.99 and the download is just $5. Bargain!

Of course - you can still download it from Amazon MP3 and iTunes too.

Photoshoot and Hob Nobs

Yesterday's photoshoot was laid back fun. We did the whole shoot around the rehearsal studios, mostly outside. Some long exposures and 2 second smiles should lead to at least a handful of shots we can use on the new album liner and around the interweb. We'll post some here once they are back from the lab.

We also had some chocolate Hob Nobs.

Back to a Monday rehearsal this week. Prepping some new material for recording in a couple of weeks' time. We also had a meeting with an industry insider to discuss global expansion and plans for an exciting 2010.

Ad used my Bad Monkey overdrive for his bass and it sounded great. He's now bought one for himself from 'the internet' at a bargain price.

Look out for some upcoming promotions on CD prices, a flyer for the November 27th Croydon show and photos from the photoshoot this month.

The LoveTel Motel album is now available for download from Amazon UK's MP3 store. You can grab the whole thing for £6.99 or 79p per track. Quick! Before they run out!

LoveTel inflation!

Prices on early pressings of the LoveTel Motel CD are now changing hands at extraordinary prices. Lookout record collectors...

Great new song...'78'

Ad came up with a good song last night. A lyric and some chords and a bass riff. That's what it takes. 15 minutes later we've got a stomping classic Magic Ship song on our hands. Oi!

Plans are afoot to record before Christmas. A couple of photoshoots lined up. A gig in Croydon @ The Brief, November 27th, where we'll be playing new material plus our old stuff from the LoveTel Motel album. We are looking good.

Hard Copy

Another practice, another new song. This one's called 'Hard copy'. Once we tidy it up it'll be a shuffling heavy groove all about the demise of the vinyl LP. Aaahh it'll bring a tear to your eye.

Just a quick word about the Official Magic Ship Facebook Group. If you aren't in it. You should be! Join here:

I'd like to think this is not just a plug for a great PA/sound company but a genuine thanks to the team who helped make our day at the Brentford Festival a fantastic one. Baz and the team from Independent are wizards of sound. The turnaround speed, the quality of FOH sound and sound through the monitors was first class.

Last night's practice was exciting. We pretty much had a new song all but done. The others don't know yet, but I think it's just called 'Amazing'. It's pretty funky in a rocky kinda way. You'll like it.

Ad's Trace Elliot is still at the doctors so he was playing through the PA. That's no fun in a rehearsal room, but he still managed to make it sound decent.

What a great day! It was a grand day out. German sausage. London Pride. Curried goat. Paella. See-saws. Roundabouts. Bouncy Castles. Magic Ship. Thanks for showing your support. We had a tremendous reception and some hearty applause for the three-piece power trio line up. The road crew were watching from backstage and gave us some great comments, that means alot. Photos here:

More to follow.

Magic Ship will be appearing at 3.30pm on the main stage at the 2009 Brentford Festival. for details. Look forward to seeing you there. Arrive early and get stuffed up on ice cream. Weather prediction is a late summer's 21 degrees!

Sad to say that Saturday's show at the Half Moon was the last for Col with Magic Ship. Col has decided to leave the band and has plans for something new with brass and backing vocals and more people. We wish him all the best.

Some three years ago, Col placed an advert looking for musicians. Looking for players to start up a band of sorts. At that time we didn't know where we were headed. But an album, numerous sold out gigs and three years later we are all proud of what we have done.

Stick with Magic Ship for a whole new chapter. We have some great new songs to record which have been getting the best feedback at the recent shows and we're looking forward to recording them for the new album.

See us at the Brentford Festival on Saturday 6th September.

Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

Ad, Dave, Sam.
Magic Ship.

Great show at The Half Moon on Saturday night. We had some faithful faces and a fair few seeing us for the first time. We also had dancing! Would you believe it - not just rocking or tapping feet but actual dancing. Long may it continue.

The PA appeared to be not working for the couple of hours before the Trick Noise Makers went on. We appeared unphased as did they. Soundman Doon 'turned it all off and back on again' and fixed the thing. Good job.

Trick Noise Makers put on their usual good show. It's always a pleasure to play with them.

Walk on music was the main theme from 'Where Eagles Dare'. It was suitably rousing.

I got hand cramps and fumbled through the last few songs. It still doesn't feel right.

Looking forward to Brentford Festival on 6th September.

Thanks to Marc for these few photos.


Are You Ready?

We are prepped for the big show on 22nd August at the Half Moon in Putney. We actually practiced twice this week back to back. Playing mid-week rather than a Monday kind of leaves me feeling mixed up. It's very odd. Like a three day weekend. Looking forward to sharing the stage with The Trick Noise Makers. We have a great set lined up with plenty of new material. See you there.

Many thanks to all the Radio Caroline listeners on the internet and on Sky who tuned in to drive time to hear Magic Ship on Friday. Jim Ross was kind enough to pass on some of your words of appreciation and encouragement. You are too good to us.

Get over to to read about Magic ship on the radio.

Magic Ship Poker Night

The website says "On Sky Digital and around the world on the Internet – this is Radio Caroline." And for two weeks starting this Friday 24th July between 1400 hours and 1800 hours GMT Radio Caroline presenter Jim Ross will play various tracks from the Magic Ship album 'LoveTel Motel' on his afternoon show.

So if you want to support Magic Ship, why not send Jim an email - – and request your favorite track off the album? He'd get a huge buzz out of hearing from you with your requests and dedications.

We're also being played on Tim Charles' Thursday evening 'Magic Carpet Ride' show which has a classic rock slant. Tim is also a DJ on European Klassic Rock and is playing our album on his 'Durrango Blues' midnight show.


About 247 years ago, Col posted our song 'Fly!' on We got some reviews and passed the Tastemaker Challenge. That sounds like a good thing to me! You can download "Fly!" from iTunes. You can also buy the CD with that song on. The album's called 'LoveTel Motel' and you can get it from and Amazon.

Let the reviews commence!

"A good driving track with an infectious guitar riff. The production is good as is the quality of the vocal and backing. The only thing sightly lacking is any form of variation or light and shade. The song could do with a middle 8 or something contrasting to break it up a bit and to give the track structure, otherwise it can tend to be a bit bland after several listens. At 2:42 it could also do with a bit of lengthening."

"Fantastic lyrics, I love the name "Magic Ship" and i think this song could be very sucessful! Well Done!!"

"Bar Band grade. Not suckful. Would even tip."

"Magic Ship has a potential! sounds like old school rock what is great to car and so. But i dont know if I let to you to my mp3 player... but nice work!"

"This song kicks off with a solid riff and, even though it feels a little '90s, it is quite catchy. Vocal style is similar to Stereophonics, and lead guitar is similar to Oasis. 'Fly' is quite short, but is probably worth a look if you are a britpop fan."

"this songs rather cool to be honest :)"

"like it realy cheerfull lifting"

"up beat, rocky live feel, good voice."


"this song is a very unique style of pop music very good"

We all love CDBaby. These are the guys who are making music from independent artists available on a global scale. They have a huge range of excellent music. It's all very searchable by style and band name and similar artists. The site has just had a reworking a rebranding and a re-launch. It looks great.

You can still buy our debut CD from there. You can download the entire album in MP3 format from there. Now they have added the ability to download individual MP3 tracks. Great!

If you haven't already. Get yourself over to and treat yourself to a copy of our album. You can download it. We'd be happy if you bought a real CD from them. We get less money, but you get the real deal. We spent a long time working on making a great product, so treat yourself and make the band happy.

Be sure to leave us a review too!

Thanks to the faithful

Many thanks to the faithful and regular Magic Ship followers. We all appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm. Thanks for turning up to see us at The Clubhouse this weekend.

Thanks to TC for providing, installing and breaking down the PA too. Excellent.

CustomSkins Rule OK

If you're looking for a custom printed drum skin you must go to Their service is easy to use, the skins are of super high quality and for about £100 they make you and your drummer look fantastic

Dave has had his skin for about a year now and everytime the bass drum comes out of its case we know it's business time. Check it out in the gallery ( and at the Customskins official website:

Magic Ship are playing a full double set this Saturday 11th July at The Clubhouse Twickenham. 65 Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AW. We'll be debuting more new material. If you want to be the first to hear 'Life on the Road', 'Two in the Coals, One in the flames'. 'Three Chords and the Truth'. This is your chance. We'll also be playing out classics like 'Monkeyphonic Alphabets'. This gig is totally free. We'll be on around 9pm and the venue stays open until very late. We'll see you there.

We break for tea

There are times when playing in a band when things click. You're not doing anything different. You're not playing any different. and for a moment you feel like a band playing as one, playing the song, feeling the song. We had a little bit of that last night with a reprise of 'Black Holes don't Eat Everything'. We toughened up the chorus and took the song into arena territory. It really sounded and felt like a Magic Ship anthem. 3+ minutes of lighter waving energy. Excellent. The PA in the rehearsal room is dying. We have been using it for 18 months or so. We're pretty good at getting a sound out of it. Last night it sounded very bad. Let's hope that is fixed up pretty soon. Ad's amp is going home, crackling and buzzing, it's not well. It means a) he gets to get a new amp...woohoo! b) he has to buy a new amp...boooo!.

We actually had a break for tea last night. Shared out the recently printed flyers so we can all get to passing them round and putting them in the right places. Also filled out the agreement for the 6th September Brentford Festival.

Magic Ship have been chosen to perform at this year's Brentford Festival in front of an estimated 10,000 festival goers.

Keep 6th September free and get yourself over to West London to see Magic Ship in the open air.

More details to follow.

Flyers have landed

Received delivery today of the latest batch of Magic Ship flyers and posters for the shows this Summer. Clubhouse Twickenham. Half Moon Putney. Brentford Festival. We're in rehearsal putting together a brand new set featuring the new songs and Magic Ship classics.

15th June Update

We all know by now that Monday night is rehearsal night. I switched back to the Alden Les Paul. The Squier now doesn't quite cut it. The Alden has real girth to the sound and delivers more crunch than distortion. It continues to be an excellent guitar. Dave trialled hi new Hi Hats - I think they were Paiste 2002 Sound Edge. He was enjoying playing them and they sounded good.

Next week is down to real business as we hone the set for the upcoming Summer tour. You know we haven't had a tea break for two weeks! That's how hard Magic Ship rock for you. Yes, you.

An evening at Airplay Studios cleared out the cobwebs, after all it's been about six weeks since we played together. After time off and the Mark Baker photo shoot it was time to do the thing we do third best - write some new material. We tidied up 'Two in the Coals and One in the Flames' which is now very good. It has shape and dynamics and a singable bass hook which we love. We are also coming close to finishing 'Three Chords and The Truth', with some tidying up this will be a solid song. Brand new last night were 'Life on the Road Needs a Steady Hand', a song based on the writings of Poker Legend Johnny Hughes. A proper Shipper of a song. We are also getting our fingers around one from Ad called 'Staggering Home'. It's a dirty rock and roll number, you'll like it. We'll be playing most if not all of these new songs in our upcoming summer shows.

11th July, Clubhouse, Twickenham
22nd August, Halfmoon, Putney
6th September, Brentford Festival (TBC)
25th September, Clubhouse, Twickenham

More details to follow.

Tickets for Magic Ship at the Half Moon, Putney are now available. Support will be from the excellent Trick Noise Makers. Get tickets online while there are still some left.

Rock Till You Drop Radio

Magic Ship are featured on the podcast this week over at

Toby of Rock-til-You-Drop fame picks an often overlooked track from our LoveTel Motel album 'Black Holes Don't Eat Everything'. Nice to hear it with some fresh ears. Get yourself over there.

More radio play for the band. This time Magic Ship's 'Lovetel Motel' will be featured on the Substock Radio Show @ Hit Music Radio, on Saturday 30th May at Midnight GMT (Or Sunday Morning, really). You can listen to the show by going to at that time and pressing the 'Listen Live' button. Go listen and mail the station when we are on to tell them how much you love us!

Magic Ship set to rock The Clubhouse, West London's newest live music venue. 11th July, it'll be a double set from around 8.30. If you've seen us before. Come again. Tell your friends. If you've never seen Magic Ship live then make the effort and we'll put on a great show for you. Venue details here Oooh...nice carvery!

See you on the 11th.

Last night saw Magic Ship Voguing for the cameras in Brentford, West London. The Griffin, home to Bees fans and home to the Hobbit football film, Green Street. Now home to Magic Ship photo shoot number 1.

Mark Baker (photographer to the stars - Afrika Bambaataa, Celine Dion, Kulashaker et al) was on camera duty and worked hard to make us look good. Hard and fast. Here's how we rolled...
> top of the fire escape stairs
> bottom of the fire escape stairs
> beer garden seated
> beer garden standing
> outside pub against black gate
> outside pub frontage
> inside pub playing cards
> inside pub lounging on bar
> inside pub in front of dartboard
> outside in the street

That took about 3 hours and a dozen costume changes. Scarf on. Scarf off. Jacket on. Jacket off. Scarf *and* Jacket on (keep you on your toes). You get the picture.

Was good fun and we'll let you see the best of the shots on very soon.

Magic Ship wins Classic Rock magazine's Battle of the Bands. After nearly two weeks of intense voting a winner is announced and it's Magic Ship with the title track from their album 'LoveTel Motel'. Read about it here:

Lucky you because you can also download the track for free right here:

You can also buy or download the whole album from Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, Napster and other good music retailers.

Website updates

Updated the site with song lyrics and chords. These are some of the original chord sheets used when writing, recording and rehearsing the songs for the LoveTel Motel album. Handwritten notes included.

We've also added a load more photos into the photo section. Surprisingly! Some from rehearsals and early LoveTel recording sessions at Airplay studios and plenty more from our live run-ins at the Half Moon in Putney, West London.

If you find the mailing list button on the site doesn't work - try using the ontact page instead to get yourself on the mailing list or just to say hello. We always like to hear comments from random strangers. Particularly if they are not about university degrees or male enhancement pills.

Keep checking back for more good stuff including shots from the upcoming photo shoot and videos from some of our live shows.

Oh - before we forget - download the LoveTel Motel MP3. It's free! Tell your friends. Sweet.

Is this thing on?

Back in rehearsals tonight. Next week should see us at a band photo shoot. More news to follow.

Site update

This site has had an overhaul. Few new widgets and bit and bobs. Listen to the music. Check the photos. We'll be uploading lyrics and stuff soon too. Some time this week we'll be getting the Classic Rock magazine Battle of the Bands result. Keep checking back for more.

We're featured in this weeks 'Battle of the Bands' in the online version of Classic Rock magazine. How cool is that? Therefore we would really appreciate it if you would just take a moment to vote for us. Here's how to vote:
From Classic Rock's website about Battle of the Bands: Ding-ding! Seconds out! Welcome to round five of Classic Rock magazine's new war of the great unsigned! The idea is simple: we'll give you access to two unsigned bands. Download their songs and then vote for the band you like the most. The following Friday we'll count the votes – and the winner will get a spot on a forthcoming Classic Rock magazine CD, taking their music to 70,000 rock fans.

Click on this link to listen to the Magic Ship song and that our opponent: 

If, however, you are a bit pressed for time you can simply register a vote for us by sending an email with the subject line 'Magic' to

Thanks very much for your support.

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5 songs in the can

No one can say that we don't work hard. Over three Monday nights we recorded five brand new Magic Ship songs. Basic tracks with guide vocal the first night. Vocals on the second. Vocals, additional guitars and tambourine on night three. We barely stopped to take breath let alone listen to the playback. Since then Ian @ Airplay has rough mixed all of the tracks and they sound pretty good. They sound fun. They sound energetic. They capture us in the studio with a few laughs here and there. We ran the gamut from Merseybeat to Glam (the British 70s kind) to nuts out rockers. I think that anyone who cares about MagicShip will be very happy with the songs so far. I think a couple of key tracks will win us some new fans too.
We're back to writing again and this Monday we started on about four new songs. Col has enough lyrics to write a book so there's always something to work on. We'll get a few more of those tidied up and we'll be recording again before you know it. An album will follow. We'll keep you posted of course.
Until then there is a great chance that we'll be featured in the near future on Classic Rock magazine's cover CD. They get a readership of 70,000 so that would be a boon.

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Recording the overdubs

Magic Ship were back in the studio last night for the third and final recording session for the first five tracks from the difficult second album. There is a point where recorded tracks gel and become songs and to me that felt like it happened last night. Particularly with 'Painkillers and Pride'. It's always been a good song, but I never feel we play it very well, but last night with acoustic guitars added the song seemed to have finally come good. I have no idea what the rest of the overdubs last night sounded like because we worked at such a rate that there was barely a chance to hear anything back. As long as no one was grimacing then it was pretty much a take. Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustics, tambourine, lead guitar. It's all there. Finished the last note of the last overdub at 11.59pm. Now that's working to a deadline!

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Magic Ship had fun on Friday night and so did the packed house at The Globe in Brentford, West London. There was an intimate atmosphere and a real connection with the crowd...being that they were just feet away! It was definitely a more relaxed affair. Stars of the evening were Mr Lambert and Mr Butler who both enjoyed extended visits to the cigarette machine which was back and to the left of stage. Once you've been upstaged by a couple of old fellas and a cigarette machine you have nothing left to lose.

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Beyond Hotmail — see what else you can do with Windows Live. Find out more!

Magic Ship live at the Globe brentford. Free entry. Friday 20th March. Double set. On stage 9pm.


Beyond Hotmail — see what else you can do with Windows Live. Find out more!

Last night we were back at Airplay Studios to start recording our follow up to debut album LoveTel Motel. We managed to track the basic layout of five songs. So far things are sounding good. After 4 hours of recording and playing ears and heads were tired, so it will be good to hear the work in progress next week when we go back to the studio to put down some more guitar and the vocals. New song 'Painkillers and Pride' was sounding good last night mainly because of the Hot Rods and shuffling beat that Dave was using. It's really defined the song. Once we put some acoustic guitars on it I think it will be a great Magic Ship tune. We played 'Gone Solid Gone' and 'Exasperation Station', these both go down a storm live. No surprise. Listening to the playback, they are both great songs. Foot tappers and hip swingers. Stay tuned for a few candid photos.

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Check out a whole host of excellent live photos on our Facebook page: thanks to Mike Lucraft.

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Magic Ship took Putney by storm on Friday night. Dishing out another terrifying set of excellent material to a packed house. Video evidence:

Find more from the night at Col's YouTube page:

Thanks to everyone who came to see us and cheered us on. Great to see the regulars and some new faces in the crowd.

Look out for some new posts this week with backstage video footage and pre-show photos and some live shots from the night.


Get yourselves down to the Half Moon this Friday for another headline show. We have shaken off the Christmas rust, and are fighting fit for a great night. Also supporting are Fubar and Raising Sand.

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Magic Ship - The Movie. Directed by Axey Scorcese.