5 songs in the can

No one can say that we don't work hard. Over three Monday nights we recorded five brand new Magic Ship songs. Basic tracks with guide vocal the first night. Vocals on the second. Vocals, additional guitars and tambourine on night three. We barely stopped to take breath let alone listen to the playback. Since then Ian @ Airplay has rough mixed all of the tracks and they sound pretty good. They sound fun. They sound energetic. They capture us in the studio with a few laughs here and there. We ran the gamut from Merseybeat to Glam (the British 70s kind) to nuts out rockers. I think that anyone who cares about MagicShip will be very happy with the songs so far. I think a couple of key tracks will win us some new fans too.
We're back to writing again and this Monday we started on about four new songs. Col has enough lyrics to write a book so there's always something to work on. We'll get a few more of those tidied up and we'll be recording again before you know it. An album will follow. We'll keep you posted of course.
Until then there is a great chance that we'll be featured in the near future on Classic Rock magazine's cover CD. They get a readership of 70,000 so that would be a boon.

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