The Jetsonics

We've all had great times over the past three years and made some great songs, played some great shows and made a great album. (Still for sale on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon!). Thanks for supporting us.

Now we are moving on. Ad, Dave and Sam are The Jetsonics. We are at and soon to be at Come and listen to the new music.

Croydon. They love it.

The Brief was a good show on Friday night. We had a good turn out.

Support from The Plan was excellent. Keep an eye on them, with the right moves they will do well.

Word to the wise. If you are over 6'6" tall. you won't fit on the stage at The Brief! There is fortunately a little oversized are of the stage that justs out beyond the low roof so you can stand there, just don't try to run and speak to your drummer :-)

Sound was pretty good. Especially as the sound engineer was called out of sick bed at late notice.

We played all the new material. Hard Copy and Burn! Burn! Burn! seemed to go down very well.

Let's get it on

Looking forward to Friday night. 27th November we are headlining at The Brief, Croydon. Rehearsals have been going well and we have a great set with old and new material. Support from The Plan.

See you there.

Setlist run through

Last night we ran through the set list for the Croydon Brief show on the 27th. Songs are shaping up well, we just need to make sure the running order is right. We've totally reinvented 'Amazing' as an up tempo rocker with a stadium chorus. Soudning pretty good. You'll hear it in a couple of weeks if you are coming to see us.

New Songs

The new songs are now posted in the [drum roll.....] SONGS section of site. They are excellent. Go listen and tell us what you think.

New song update!

You can listen to the songs already already. They are over on the MySpace. Keep up at the back!


Thanks to Ian at Airplay Studios we were able to take away copies of further mixes of four new songs last night. They are sounding great. Lively and fresh. We'll be posting them online this week for you to have a listen. They'll feature early next year on a new album.