Top ranking! ROMO (Rockmother to those who just met her) has made a special - and I don't use those bold things lightly - special podcast for the LoveTel Motel album launch. Rockmother is a seasoned expert in all things and especially music. This is podcast 18 in a series so she obviously knows what she's talking about.

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Well today I was asked to sign my autograph for the first time since 1978, when I was the hot drummer in the band "Smile", signed up to Rascal Records or some such thing... it was about the time I was asked to model fruit machines in my undies - sadly no photos exist (unless you know better...).

Yesterday was the day

So yesterday late afternoon we had touchdown of a pallet load of CDs. The guys in the band tell me it looks great. (The CD not the pallet). It sounds great. So it must be great. I can only guess since I didn't pop round to Col's to pick one (or 25) up yet.

When I do, I think I'll feel more relief than anything, since sending someting off to print when you've never done it before is an uncomfortable feeling. It's all very well designing bits and bobs here and there for the web and for fun, but this was a big project and at the end a hard copy. Real printing. It's a different world.


Today's the day

Looking forward to receiving shipment of the new album today. We have our man on the ground waiting to accept delivery. We have champagne (cup of tea) and dancing ponies (dancing ponies) ready to join the parade. I can't say it's been a long time coming 'cause we only sent these off to production a couple of weeks ago. But it seems that out of nothing and nowhere we've made an album that's the real deal. You'll be the judge, Judy.


New look, new album

Would you believe it!? A new look for the web site. A new album. A gig. Anyone would think it's Christmas. Instead it's just another rocking day in the rocking life of Magic Ship. Get ready for the new album 'LoveTel Motel' coming in June 2008. That's in about a week for those of you without a calendar. We're also headlining our the album launch party at Ye white Hart in Barnes. Check out the Shows section for details.