Magic Ship Autumn Tour!

One down two to go. Filthy's was great fun and a hot, hot affair. We were roasted by the fire and rocking on stage. Excellent gig pals in the form of the Trick Noise Makers and JC & the Disciples. We'll get ourselves back there soon.

In the mean time get down to Half Moon Putney this Friday 31st October 2008 for four bands and a classic rock night until 1am. That's a proper party right there.


This time being advertised with a picture of a Big Dead Plane. Whatever turns you on. Glam lady in a silver goblet. Big Dead Plane. Lady. Plane. Lady. Get to the gig. We are debuting new songs. 'Gone Solid Gone', 'Exasperation Station', 'Painkillers and Pride', 'Good Times'.

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This will be a great show. Not only will you get to see us - the tremenidious Magic Ship - but also The Trick Noise Makers (who are fantastic) and JC and the Disciples (featuring none other than JC Carroll of the Members...blimey!). Get yourself down there. Sam.


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