Last night saw Magic Ship Voguing for the cameras in Brentford, West London. The Griffin, home to Bees fans and home to the Hobbit football film, Green Street. Now home to Magic Ship photo shoot number 1.

Mark Baker (photographer to the stars - Afrika Bambaataa, Celine Dion, Kulashaker et al) was on camera duty and worked hard to make us look good. Hard and fast. Here's how we rolled...
> top of the fire escape stairs
> bottom of the fire escape stairs
> beer garden seated
> beer garden standing
> outside pub against black gate
> outside pub frontage
> inside pub playing cards
> inside pub lounging on bar
> inside pub in front of dartboard
> outside in the street

That took about 3 hours and a dozen costume changes. Scarf on. Scarf off. Jacket on. Jacket off. Scarf *and* Jacket on (keep you on your toes). You get the picture.

Was good fun and we'll let you see the best of the shots on very soon.


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