Official - Dave is most popular!

Did you notice that the vote closed? Well I'd like to say that the task of finding Magic Ship's most popular member was a difficult one, and it was, since there is some calculating and Vorderman style arithmetic to be done. On first glance the votes came out like this:

Ad/LEB 9 (52%)
Col/Axe 4 (23%)
Dave/Dave 2 (11%)
Sam/ALove 2 (11%)

So you can see that Ad voted for himself the most times and Col came in a close second. But there's a clear tie for the most popular blokes in the band. It's Dave and me! As I see it -being that we got 2 votes each that means they must have been genuine fans. Most likely handsome ladies voting for Dave and uncontrollable Japanese uber-fans for me. Being that Dave's name is ahead of mine alphabetically, that puts him on top.

Congratulations, Dave! Pour yourself a drink and sign some autographs.


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  1. Axe Victim said...
    I second that! I confess. I voted for myself every time. Nobody likes me. Even toothless prostitutes in Camden just smile at me and walk on. Nobody ever fancies a fat lad...

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