Custom Drum Skin

What makes a band look awesome more than having a custom dream head on the big bass drum? Nothing, that's what!

That's why the Magic Ship coffer is coughing up the readies for a smart graphic drum head for Dave's drum kit. We'll be unveiling that bad boy at our next gig.

Next gig? Yes - look out for details of our next gig here soon. It'll be in the London area on October 31st. That's Friday October, 31st, fact fans. For those of you counting that'll be our second show in no less than 5 months. They don't call us the hardest working band in Britain.



  1. Axe Victim said...
    For nothing!
    Team Gherkin said...
    Our drummer did ours on his own. he's a bloody talented bloke, huh?

    And yes, it looks cool having ur band name on the kik head :) I was blown away when he did it.

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