Amazon Sells LoveTel Motel

Cool! We are for sale on Amazon in the UK and US. Get over there now and buy another copy. Or failing that give us a review.

Looking at the clapometer, we are most popular now in Germany, with the UK and Australia being followed closely by Spain.

Tomorrow night is Monday which means it's back to rehearsals. We are playing some great new material at the moment and Col will hopefully be parading his new valve amp for us. I have a plan to re-introduce my Bad Monkey could be that it will let of some fireworks and give a nice bit of extra boost to solos and stuff.

Remind me that I also need to give Ad back his 'Saxondale' DVD and lend 'Detroit Rock City' to Col. I'm counting on you!


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  1. Axe Victim said...
    I've been busy today with my litle valve amp,Yamaha SG2000 and a capo. Capo at third fret and I've re worlked the verse chords for Devil Comes to Call.Dead Stonsy and very Magic Ship. It oozes vibes.

    Everybody who hears the album keeps telling me how much they like Monkey. Interesting. Anybody got another new song? Thus fat we have:

    Goodbye Amilia
    Gone Solid Gone
    Exasperation Station
    When The Devil Comes To Call
    Rainbow's Gold (Acoustic Version)

    That's half a record already. I also have an idea about tempo and where to put that G in GSG. Ask me Monday night.

    Am liking 'When The Devil Comes To Call' as a possible album title. One of many I expect.

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