Yesterday was the day

So yesterday late afternoon we had touchdown of a pallet load of CDs. The guys in the band tell me it looks great. (The CD not the pallet). It sounds great. So it must be great. I can only guess since I didn't pop round to Col's to pick one (or 25) up yet.

When I do, I think I'll feel more relief than anything, since sending someting off to print when you've never done it before is an uncomfortable feeling. It's all very well designing bits and bobs here and there for the web and for fun, but this was a big project and at the end a hard copy. Real printing. It's a different world.



  1. Axe Victim said...
    OK just for the uninitiated - Magic Ship on here is currently Sam. The leady guitary album sleevey designey one. He is also web meeester until he gives us all our own access codes and fantasy handles.

    Real printing. Now that's something I could drivel on about all day because I am a qualified printer in my former life. Therfore, as the resident print expert I can vouch that the CD is indeed Pukka. In fact, as a lad at my school once described something really nice - it's double Pukka!
    Sam said...
    To avoid confusion I will be posting as Sam. Hello, I'm Sam.
    Axe Victim said...
    Ooh hello.
    rockmother said...
    Hello Sam!
    Sam said...
    It's like a party out here!

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