Today's the day

Looking forward to receiving shipment of the new album today. We have our man on the ground waiting to accept delivery. We have champagne (cup of tea) and dancing ponies (dancing ponies) ready to join the parade. I can't say it's been a long time coming 'cause we only sent these off to production a couple of weeks ago. But it seems that out of nothing and nowhere we've made an album that's the real deal. You'll be the judge, Judy.



  1. Axe Victim said...
    Yup and it sure as hell looks just like a 'proper' CD. It even plays music!!!

    Would I b eright in saying that the moving image giff type thingy under the buttons is made up of some or all of the images that were used to compile the inner sleeve montage that forms the backdrop to the logo at the top of the page?
    MagicShip said...
    Yes. You would be right in thinking that about the buttons and the backdrop for the logo at the top of the page. Top of the class.

    Remember all that fantastic stuff is available on the sleeve artwork of the new album, LoveTel Motel, which we took delivery of yesterday. If you're lucky, you too could have a copy in your sweaty little hands very soon. Details on ordering to follow. For now read this:

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