There's nothing like a good breakfast the morning after a late night band recording session. A Sausage and Egg McMuffin is nothing like a good breakfast, but all the same it tastes just right.

Last night saw Magic Ship record three new songs: 'Two in the Coals and One in the Flames', this has become a live favourite and we finally recorded it. 'Murphy's Heroes', a stomping good track about a bunch of would be rock and roll stars. Finally, 'Burn! Burn! Burn!', a song all about the rise and fall of of Guy Stevens.

It was way past clocking off time and way past your bedtime when we sang and played the last notes. Safe to say though that through the headphones I think we have some real class on our hands with this batch of songs. Once we get some rough mixes we'll even make them available for preview on and the music player on this site.


  1. Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    Good on you guys. I bet it'll sound just great :)
    Sam said...
    Thanks, Mal!

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