Three is the Magic Number

Last night's practice was exciting. We pretty much had a new song all but done. The others don't know yet, but I think it's just called 'Amazing'. It's pretty funky in a rocky kinda way. You'll like it.

Ad's Trace Elliot is still at the doctors so he was playing through the PA. That's no fun in a rehearsal room, but he still managed to make it sound decent.


  1. Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    You gotta love working up a new song together as a band... even in the face of 'sound adversity'! heh heh. Good on you, guys :)
    Ad said...
    Update the Trace is back from the doctors. Dry joints in the pre amp have been re-flowed by Dr Peavey operating from somewhere grim in the midlands.
    It's now been given a dose of R&B in the Magic Ship surgery.
    All is well.

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