Great show at The Half Moon on Saturday night. We had some faithful faces and a fair few seeing us for the first time. We also had dancing! Would you believe it - not just rocking or tapping feet but actual dancing. Long may it continue.

The PA appeared to be not working for the couple of hours before the Trick Noise Makers went on. We appeared unphased as did they. Soundman Doon 'turned it all off and back on again' and fixed the thing. Good job.

Trick Noise Makers put on their usual good show. It's always a pleasure to play with them.

Walk on music was the main theme from 'Where Eagles Dare'. It was suitably rousing.

I got hand cramps and fumbled through the last few songs. It still doesn't feel right.

Looking forward to Brentford Festival on 6th September.

Thanks to Marc for these few photos.



  1. Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    Yay sam - perhaps i'm your only fan! But you rock! [giggles happily]

    looks like a good rock'n'roll gig - good on ya, guys! The hand cramps sound sucky, Col! What's that about?!? :O

    Mal :)
    Magic Ship said...
    Thanks, Mal! Hand cramps I think are probably cause it was so hot and sweaty on stage. Twice in 20 years of playing so not the end of the world :-)
    Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    Good stuff! I know a small fan is part of a regular rock muso's kit... just the movement of air moving over a sweaty body on a stinking-hot spotlit stage cools really really well. Consider buying yourself a small 'desk'-type fan and add it to your kit. Having it sitting behind you pointing back up across your sweaty back is like a godsend on those dripping nights on stage :) :)

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