Not suckful. Fly! gets some reviews

About 247 years ago, Col posted our song 'Fly!' on We got some reviews and passed the Tastemaker Challenge. That sounds like a good thing to me! You can download "Fly!" from iTunes. You can also buy the CD with that song on. The album's called 'LoveTel Motel' and you can get it from and Amazon.

Let the reviews commence!

"A good driving track with an infectious guitar riff. The production is good as is the quality of the vocal and backing. The only thing sightly lacking is any form of variation or light and shade. The song could do with a middle 8 or something contrasting to break it up a bit and to give the track structure, otherwise it can tend to be a bit bland after several listens. At 2:42 it could also do with a bit of lengthening."

"Fantastic lyrics, I love the name "Magic Ship" and i think this song could be very sucessful! Well Done!!"

"Bar Band grade. Not suckful. Would even tip."

"Magic Ship has a potential! sounds like old school rock what is great to car and so. But i dont know if I let to you to my mp3 player... but nice work!"

"This song kicks off with a solid riff and, even though it feels a little '90s, it is quite catchy. Vocal style is similar to Stereophonics, and lead guitar is similar to Oasis. 'Fly' is quite short, but is probably worth a look if you are a britpop fan."

"this songs rather cool to be honest :)"

"like it realy cheerfull lifting"

"up beat, rocky live feel, good voice."


"this song is a very unique style of pop music very good"


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