We break for tea

There are times when playing in a band when things click. You're not doing anything different. You're not playing any different. and for a moment you feel like a band playing as one, playing the song, feeling the song. We had a little bit of that last night with a reprise of 'Black Holes don't Eat Everything'. We toughened up the chorus and took the song into arena territory. It really sounded and felt like a Magic Ship anthem. 3+ minutes of lighter waving energy. Excellent. The PA in the rehearsal room is dying. We have been using it for 18 months or so. We're pretty good at getting a sound out of it. Last night it sounded very bad. Let's hope that is fixed up pretty soon. Ad's amp is going home, crackling and buzzing, it's not well. It means a) he gets to get a new amp...woohoo! b) he has to buy a new amp...boooo!.

We actually had a break for tea last night. Shared out the recently printed flyers so we can all get to passing them round and putting them in the right places. Also filled out the agreement for the 6th September Brentford Festival.


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