Recording the overdubs

Magic Ship were back in the studio last night for the third and final recording session for the first five tracks from the difficult second album. There is a point where recorded tracks gel and become songs and to me that felt like it happened last night. Particularly with 'Painkillers and Pride'. It's always been a good song, but I never feel we play it very well, but last night with acoustic guitars added the song seemed to have finally come good. I have no idea what the rest of the overdubs last night sounded like because we worked at such a rate that there was barely a chance to hear anything back. As long as no one was grimacing then it was pretty much a take. Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustics, tambourine, lead guitar. It's all there. Finished the last note of the last overdub at 11.59pm. Now that's working to a deadline!

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  1. Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    Glad it went well for you guys! 1 minute to spare is sure using your allotted time to the upmost! heh heh

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