In another world, Magic Ship's debut album wouldn't have been called 'LoveTel Motel'. We came up with a lot of names and a lot of designs for album covers. I was looking through some old bits and pieces and found this one. Adam's idea which gained some support for a while. I quite like the execution with the embossed vinyl 7".


  1. Col said...
    I stil llike this and would like to see it enter the fray with some cool new designs (new logo and half naked chicks) for the next long playa. Nice image. I never saw this until now.
    Mal's Team Gherkin said...
    That's cool! Coming up with album names is always lots of fun! One band I was in we used to throw around all sorts of randomness until something came out of it that we all liked... one original thought was "The Zipper of God!", which laughably became "Fish Zipper", until the actual released album we decided to call "Fish!". Yes yes... there's no sense or logic to it, but it's a whole lot of damn fun!

    Actually,,, naming this current band came out of random thoughts and comments... "Box of Sox" and even "The Night Before" were just stream-of-consciousness dribble that stuck! hahahaaa.

    Blah blah blah!

    Mal :)

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