Friday night at the Half Moon, you'll see me and the boys on the bill. What a night that was. Half Moon is a top notch venue in every respect. The guy who calls himself 'Red' on the sound was nothing less than awesome. He turned around 4 full band sound checks with great humour and aplomb. The guy is a legend. He knows his room, he knows his sound and he made all the bands sound fantastic.

We had 3 support acts who were all tough acts to follow and all brought along their own crowd. They all had their own styles and they were all different to each other and different to us. From my point of view the stand out support act were Dy-Star. Why this lot are not on a major label and living the MTV high life I don't know. They are awesome musicians with good songs and they look like a package that is ready for the pages of the rock press. See them next time they are in a venue near you, if you are into great musicianship and hard hitting, tight, rock sounds a la Audioslave/RATM meets Pink then check them out.

Enough about them, Magic Ship were the star turn. Thanks to all who came to see us and there were a lot of you. The room was packed and (I will say so myself) we delivered big time. Thanks to the sound, the lights, the songs and the energy we gave a performance to be proud of. What sets us apart from other acts is our come what may attitude and the feeling that anything we do together - be it a new song, our CD or a live show - is a real band and personal accomplishment. I think we really care that people come to see us. We really care that people like our songs. We really care about putting on a good show.

Wipe away the tears and hand me the OSCAR.

What a rock show! There was dry ice. Lasers. Feet up on monitors and howling guitars. Bass that made your chest rumble and drums that made your drink tremble like that T-Rex in Jurassic Park. We ripped through a tight 45 minute, 10 song set. On stage patter felt relaxed and comfortable. We twirled our sticks. We did funny walks. We shook our maracas. We played. We got hot. We left the crowd shouting for more.

We'll be back there soon.



  1. Ad said...
    Good review Sam.

    I have to say we were rather good.
    Kenski said...
    Absolutely! Really top notch show!
    BartLennon said...
    Smashing write-up. Would that I could have been there.


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