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Good the bad and the ugly, here are some guitars I have owned. I still have the Epi j-200 and the fox's glacier mint. I wish I still had the Les Paul double cut.

A Kramer Striker with a Floyd Rose and an EVH D-Tuna! Very metal.


  1. Team Gherkin said...
    I'm glad u didn't sell that gorgeous Epiphone acoustic! Whew!
    Kenski said...
    Back in 19... 94 or 5 I bought a Strat which looked a lot like the sunburst one there, though it was a Plus, with the Lace pickups. It was a lovely guitar... and I sold it... D'Oh!

    Just goes to show, if you have space, keep 'em.
    Sam said...
    That Epiphone is pretty. It just doesn't play great. Or let's say *I* don't play it great!

    That Strat was a plain ol' Mexican Standard. I bought it from Canada - didn't really even use it and sold it on. It certainly didn't have the comfort factor that my Standard sunburst Tele (not pictured) has.
    Anonymous said...
    What is that neck on the tele about... odd

    Some spookiness...

    I have a rosewood neck, three-tone sunburst Strat - a 1982 vintage Squire JV 1962 replica - I've butchered it with USA Standard electrics and locking machines so devalued it (DOH!) but a great machine.

    I also have a cherry LP double cut that I keep thinking of getting rid off - until I pick it up again.
    ALove said...
    Funny thing is that neck on the Epi Tele is standard. Like a banana from an Explorer. It played nice and i used it for years.

    The double cut is a nice guitar. I can't think why I sold it. the one pictured is from the faded series. So it looked nice and worn in and had a nice big sound.

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